Bath and Cheddar

Touring around Bath today was fun but it was your typical day of wondering around an old city looking at old things. It WAS cool to see bits of Roman history to compliment my Italian adventure earlier this year. It’s also just got a different look to the other places we’ve been so far. However I think what I’ll remember most about today was flipping through the Google reviews of some of the tourism spots when making a bit of a game plan. Best use some examples:Regarding Bath Abbey, a massive Gothic cathedral,

2 Stars. “Very dull themed inside”

   Lol. It’s a gothic church. 

5 Stars. “The views from the top are amazing but you have to take the stairs”

   Yeah, those assholes 500 years ago didn’t put in an elevator.

Regarding the Pulteney Bridge,

3 Stars. “It’s not my favorite bridge”

   Who the hell has a favorite bridge? 

The highlight of the Bath stop was actually the inn that we stayed at. A 700-year-old inn with great food that looked like somewhere you’d find Aragorn and Gimli hanging out. 

On the way out of Bath, we stopped in the Cheddar Gorge (yes, there were cheese shops everywhere) for our first real bit of hiking. The National Trust has a free walking loop that takes a couple of hours and offered some great views.

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