Getting lost in Umbria and drunk in Tuscany

I woke in Orvieto again on Sunday and started the day by going for a run around the city. Well. Kind of. There’s a loop that goes all the way around the exterior wall of the town and that was my objective. I actually wish that I had used one of my running apps that tracks my route because the result would have been some serious John Madden-quality scribbles. The path is not intuitive and I got lost multiple times. I’m also pretty sure I got attacked by some local wildlife. It’s hard to tell. 3 little lizards were charging my left foot repeatedly. Very un-lizard-like and not very neighborly of them. Not very neighborly at all. Little pricks.
Found a sweet old Scottish couple later on that started with life advice and the like but quickly turned into a beautiful multi-national Trump bashing. It’s nice that he really brought the world together. I also learned that I wasn’t yet in Tuscany. This is Umbria. Who cares, it all looks sweet.

-Nice spot to go for a run. Danger: path disappears and lizards are easily provoked.

From Orvieto, I rejoined Busabout and headed up to Florence. They put on a pretty good welcome tour upon our arrival to show us the main attractions before we all went to dinner. The food was fantastic but the evening evoiced into trivia night at the bar and some massive quantities of beer with my new buds from Auz and NZ. Fear not, I think I represented my country well. In the drinking anyway… my knowledge of romantic comedies is shit. A quick sleep in the dorm room and we were all back on the bus to La Spezia.

– Who needs a functioning bridge when you can have a cheesy market?
The Duomo!

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