Thoughts on My Solo Travel and Busabout Experience

Disclaimer: Mushy thoughts ahead. Also, to anyone that has travelled solo, you’re about to eyeroll and say “I told you so.”

Starting out on my first ever entirely solo traveling at the age of 30, I anticipated a lot of me-time. I expected the Busabout crowd to be much younger and crazier than I, and that I’d often end up doing my own exploring. I had planned on Busabout being my mode of transportation and nothing much beyond that. It certainly started out that way. In Rome and Orvieto, there were days that I did almost zero talking, except some garbled Italian to order food. I think I needed a bit of that and I certainly enjoyed it. It all changed in Florence though. My first actual dorm-hostel, my first Busabout affiliated tour, and my first effort at pretending to be an extravert. Since then I’ve met some absolute legends and formed friendships that were bloody hard to say goodbye to. In the event that any of you ever read this: Kael, Cally, Jake, Aleesha, Brock, Brianna, Heidi, Brooke, Taylor, and all you other crazy Aussies and Kiwis… you guys are my heroes. Hannah and Teneqa, you were practically my fam for 2 weeks and when I eventually make it to Aus, I will absolutely let you know. I might even remember the words to “You’re the Voice.” All of you do me a favour: don’t grow up! I did that once and have been trying to undo it ever since. You’re all doing life right. All the Busabout guides and drivers and hostel managers and bartenders: see you again.

1 thought on “Thoughts on My Solo Travel and Busabout Experience”

  1. Hahaha! Told you so! (I think)
    Awesome (or /’Auwe-sommm/ learned from my kiwi friends) that you met some great people and connected with the world, that’s what it’s all about (pronounced /’aboot/ for all the non-Canadian’s).
    PS. It’s “rain/snowing” outside your office window right now

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